Trademark law is a form of consumer protection. Trademark rights are based on use, and trademark protection lasts as long as the trademark fulfills its purpose as a source identifier for a particular producer. The firm’s IP law group offers a variety of services designed to assist entrepreneurs and well-established companies alike in choosing, registering, and protecting trademarks.

Copyright law protects creative content. Whereas the purpose of trademark is to avoid consumer confusion, copyright law incentivizes the creation of original works—including text, artistry, photographs, music, and movies—by granting exclusive rights to the creator. Those ideas automatically gain copyright protection when they are fixed to a tangible medium. The firm’s IP law group assists creators in registering, licensing, and enforcing copyrights. The firm also advises clients on the benefits of obtaining both trademark and copyright protection. The firm’s copyright and trademark attorneys are Derrick M. Davis and Brian Sableman. Click on the links below for their contact information.