The firm offers aggressive flat rate mediations, handled by a Rule 31 Listed General Civil/Family Mediator and a Rule 31 Listed General Civil Mediator with over 50 years of combined litigation and mediation experience in Tennessee. Our flat rate mediation fee structure allows the mediation participants to have certainty as to their mediation costs well before the mediation begins. We handle a wide range of civil matters, from complex, multi-party construction disputes to simpler two-party personal injury, domestic, and contract disputes. Check out to find out more about the types of disputes we handle. The mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution services are scheduled and managed by a dedicated staff through Common Ground Resolution Services, LLC, a wholly-owned entity of the firm. To check availability of mediation dates, to schedule a mediation, or for any questions, please contact Common Ground today at (865) 240-3637. The firm’s lead attorney mediator is Brian Quist. Click on the link below for Mr. Quist’s contact information: